is a service offered by MCCS Inc., A US based ICT company formed by a team of African American, Latino & European business minded ICT professionals. It is the first of a number of innovative services meant to foster African cooperation, contribute to ICT development and technology transfer to countries located within the African Market, as well as link the Africans living abroad to their homelands.

Executive Leadership

Clarence Simms


As CEO of Africa Prepay and an MIT graduate with 25 years of IT and IT Management experience, Clarence has spent the last 20 years working in various countries specializing in the technology vertical, with a focus on EMEA, Central Eastern Europe, America and Pan Africa operational diversity including IT Program management and General IT Management. 

Pedro Romero


As CIO of Africa Prepay, Pedro has more than 10 years in the IT Industry with focus on managing operations and customers in the IT, Telecommunications and Call Center businesses, with a long track of management of multicultural teams in Central Eastern Europe, Latin America and Eastern African.