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Download the Africa PrePay app for the fastest and easiest way to send AirTime, Pay Bills, Send Mobile Money & Send Bank Transfers.​

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Send Airtime

AfricaPrepay gives you the ability to send Friends and Family Airtime directly to phones throughout Africa we currently support 30+ African Countries

Pay Bills

Africa Prepay gives you the ability to pay bills like TV Subscriptions, Electricity & Utility Services across Africa. Giving you the ability to help Friends and Family from anywhere in the world

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Africaprepay Virtual Visa Card

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Send Mobile Money

Africa Prepay also gives you the ability to send mobile money across Africa in the blink of an eye you can send money to Friends and Family direct and safe

Send Bank Transfers

Africa Prepay gives you the ability to send money across Africa directly to bank accounts you can send money to Friends and Family direct and safe without delay

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Top up Airtime

The fast and simple way to send AirTime in Africa

Staying in touch with friends and family back in Africa has never been simpler.

Send mobile credit directly to your friends’ and family’s phones back home. It’s just like you’re topping up for them with their local provider.

The airtime top-up will usually be added to the recipient’s phone immediately, although occasionally there may be small delays due to congestion on the local network.

What people say

I have used it several time. The service is quick and intuitive. I am able to send airtime to my family back home.

Mary Njoki
One of the best top up apps I have come across I love it. I even recommended to my friends everyone.

Ayodele Afriyie
I came to the UK and I was using calling cards which were very expensive. Then I found Africa PrePay. No complaints, amazing service.
Yemi Okara

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